Have you ever wanted beautiful portraits of yourself; images that you could display proudly, give to someone who loves you, use for your online profiles or keep for yourself just because?  How many times have you wanted to do this but felt like you cannot take a good photo? 

Every single person, of every age has doubts and insecurities about being photographed. My goal is to make this easy and fun so that you leave with a different impression of what being photographed can be! 

I see you.  I hear you and I understand that being photographed is nerve-racking.  Give me your trust and time and I will create something beautiful for you. 

Join me for a personal session in my private studio in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  This is a full service experience geared at creating portraits that will show you the very best of you.  I assure you, it will change the way you see yourself.  

- JoAnna